SÉDA is where classic meets modern in the world of outerwear. We embody a timeless energy that transcends trends, offering outerwear pieces that effortlessly blend sophistication with contemporary style. With a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, we create pieces that stand the test of time, ensuring a wardrobe is filled with enduring elegance.

Taking pride in sourcing the finest Italian materials from skilled craftspeople, our fabrics, zippers, and buttons are meticulously chosen to ensure the utmost quality in every garment we create. From durable yet soft and lightweight wool, to smooth and luxurious vegan leather, to richly hued jacquard, our outerwear showcases the finest materials that exude style in every detail. 

All SÉDA pieces are proudly made in Canada. We believe in the fair and ethical treatment of those who bring our designs to life, and partner with local manufacturers who share our belief in conscious luxury and impeccable craftsmanship.


Seda Rafilovich, a prominent figure in the Canadian medical industry and the founder and head designer of SÉDA, first embarked on her life in Eastern Europe surrounded by robust architecture and scenery. Constantly taking inspiration from her surroundings, Seda pursued a career in medicine while launching a successful outerwear business in Russia.

After immigrating to Canada in the late 1990s in pursuit of a better life for her and her family, Seda retrained as a physician. Mentored by one of the first pioneers to develop geriatric care programs in hospitals, she went on to become the head of Geriatric care at Scarborough Health Network in Toronto, Ontario. 

In the decades since pursuing her medical craft, Seda has remained steadfast in her passion for timeless fashion and outerwear, taking inspiration from her travels through Canada and the USA. It is because of this, and for her love of cooler climates, that Seda launched her namesake outerwear brand in early 2023.

SÉDA features an array of timeless, all-season outerwear essentials that incorporate only the finest materials from Italy, handcrafted in small-batch, ethical production in Canada.

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